1. Since 1999, Enigma Motion Pictures have been producing long-form, feature-length documentaries made for cinema and as TV-Specials which are sold to broadcasters worldwide.

  2. We plough every penny of revenue back into making great TV Shows and Documentaries.  We have now opened our own FILM FUND and are making great FEATURE FILMS based on TRUE EVENTS...

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Become a MOVIE INVESTOR ‘ANGEL’ & help us make films which change the world!.  1.27 Billion people have watched our films, and 12,000,000 million people have our DVDs - not a single one of our films has ever lost a penny since 1999.


We have built an international family of Angel Investors during the last ten years.  They all earn their money back and have a great time!

Our feature-length documentaries & TV-Specials have found a multi-million strong audience.  We have carved a huge ‘niche’ in long-form high quality documentary films.

We now invite you to become one of our Angel Investors.  You will become an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. We shall share profits from our next slate of film releases for 2014-2017.  You shall get shares in our TV Networks - some of which are being prepared for IPOs.

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The Film Industry is not just ONE industry - it is interlocked with the Games Industry & the Television industry too.  Sales from video games based on movies turnover $9 billion per year.

What is the Minimum Investment?

There isn’t a ‘minimum’ - but most people start with about $1,500.

What about SHARES?

You are given FREE SHARES in our digital broadcast networks for each dollar you invest into enigma motion pictures.

Can my income and share certificates be paid into and held Offshore?


Are investments in film tax deductible?

Yes. Many countries have Small Investment roll-over incentives for investors.  In the United Kingdom you can earn other tax deductions in exchange for investing in film.

Investor Relations FAQ

How can I guarantee that my investment will make a profit?

There isn’t a ‘guarantee’ - but you can guage our success by the fact that we have produced many films and TV-Specials and never lost a dime since 1999.

How do I become a Full-Time movie producer?

By joining our team and either working from your office/home using Skype and/or working at our offices.  If you can raise finance for film from your own contacts, then that is the most esential element to being a movie ‘producer’.  You will also have the benefit of being issued a large amount of shares in our organisation.

How do we market our films?

The old ‘cinema’ and DVD rental markets have been eclipsed by Direct Digital Movie Downloads & Rentals.  We make income from offering our films via ‘Virtual Cinema’ digital web portals and then selling the rights to broacasters worldwide.  There is pretty solid Blu-Ray DVD income too - though iTunes & NetFlix have taken-over the DVD market in terms of volume.

How many fans & customers do we have?

More than 10 million people have visited our websites since 1997. We have half a million confirmed and opted-in email addresses, plus another 1 million fans on our Facebook pages. Plus another 1million ‘casual’ visitors who visit on a non-regular basis, but do actually buy our films on DVD.

Movies sell on pay-per-view services such as iTunes, NetFlix, HBO, SKY HD and many other revenue generating services. Every day, 350,000 movies are purchased on iTunes.

Movies generate more than $1.2m per DAY just on iTunes.


in the

Film Industry

The smartest players and biggest companies all invest in the Film Industry.  There are major TAX BREAKS available for investors.  Enigma Motion Pictures is a leading British film studio specialising in made-for-cinema documentaries.
Would you like to become a movie producer?  Freelance film investors are called ‘ANGELS’. 1.27 Billion people have watched our films, and 12 million people have our DVDs - not a single one of our films has ever lost a penny since 1999.  We would like to show you our studios, and welcome you to our family of investors...

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